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       Standardisation 10/09/2009
CEN launches new European Standard on energy efficiency

CEOC International participated in the CEN-CENELEC launch event. Guest speakers came from the European Commission, European firms and the CEN/CENELEC Task Force 189/ Project Team Energy Management Systems, which was responsible for developing the standard. Presentations focused on the achievements and gave an outlook of future activities in the field of energy efficiency.


Reducing energy consumption and increasing energy efficiency are among the European Union's main goals. At the end of 2008, the European Parliament and European Council wrote into EU law three ambitious targets for 2020: cutting greenhouse gases by 20% (30% if international agreement is reached), supplying 20% of energy from renewable sources, and reducing energy consumption by 20% through energy efficiency. Asked about pending pieces of legislation in this field, Mr Roderic van Voorst (European Commission, DG TREN) mentioned the Directive on Energy Performance of Buildings currently under review and the Directive on Energy End-use Efficiency and Energy Services. Referring to the issue of energy audits, the Commission (DG TREN) is currently preparing a standardisation mandate for energy audit schemes.


Mr Inge Pierre, Convenor of the responsible task force within CEN, said he was happy with the result, providing a “tool for all kinds of companies to review their energy situation and improve their energy efficiency in a systematic and sustainable way”. The standard is intended to apply to all types and sizes of organizations and can be used independently or can be integrated with any other management system such as those for quality, environment or occupational health and safety management.


Companies said that the standard is generally welcomed. Ms Visser-Bartelds from SenterNovem (The Netherlands) cited companies like Douwe Egberts, DAF Trucks and Schiphol Airport, which said they appreciated the added-value of long-term agreements on energy efficiency. Irish dairy business Glanbia plc is also looking forward to implementing the new standard, though the most enthusiastic response has come from two German companies, which got certified according to the new standard even before it was officially published

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