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       Energy and Environment 25/09/2009
New directive to reduce harmful emissions from petrol service stations.

According to the information given by the Council’s press office this new act will obliges numerous filling stations to install equipment recovering damaging gases that escape when refuelling cars and others vehicles.


Although an obligation for service stations to capture the vapour arising from delivery of petrol to their storage tank already exists, further measures were needed. Thus, the new law introduces further reductions of gas emissions as petrol stations must additionally recover at least 85% of the gases that escape when refuelling vehicles. Since petrol vapour contains the carcinogen benzene as well as hydrocarbons, which can form ground-level ozone and are harmful to human health and ecosystem, this next directive shall help protecting the environment and the health of workers and consumers.


The new act foresees that all but the smallest stations be fitted with the relevant equipment when they are newly constructed or undergoing refurbishment. The biggest stations, with a throughput of more than 3000 cubic metres per year, are obliged to install the new technology by 2018.


The deadline for the transposition to national law by the member states is 1 January 2012.

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