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       Energy and Environment 28/10/2009
Commission proposal to limit CO 2 emissions from light commercial vehicles

The proposal will be phased in from 2014 to 2016, and contains a long term emission reduction target of 135 g/km by 2020. The format of the proposed legislation is similar to the proposals on passenger cars agreed at the end of 2008. It is one of the last outstanding elements of the EU's strategy to improve the fuel economy of light-duty vehicles which account for about 12% of the EU's total carbon emissions. The proposal underlines the EU's commitment to putting in place concrete measures to deliver on its greenhouse gas commitments in the run-up to the Copenhagen climate conference.

Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas said: "This legislation is another important step for the EU in combating climate change and reaffirms the EU's commitment and leadership ahead of the Copenhagen conference. As well as ensuring the vans sector make a fair contribution to efforts to tackle climate change it will also generate important fuel-savings for consumers and stimulate innovation in industry which will enable them to take full advantage of the transition to a low-carbon economy. "

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