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       Air, Land and Maritime Transport 16/11/2009
Presentation of Dekra’s Road Safety Report HGV 2009 in Brussels

Following its commitment to promote road safety and to support the transport industry, Dekra released this report to give decision makers, experts and users a major source of information.

This report outlines the importance of heavy goods vehicles in the European freight transport and provides its addressees with suggestions to improve vehicle safety and drivers’ training.


Despite its negative image the road transport is an important economic driver, directly employing 210 000 persons in Germany and contributing to the national GDP up to 7.2 per cent. Although the frequency of road accidents involving HGV has fallen by more than seventy per cent since 1970, the few accidents occurring remain very visible because of their scope and severity. Thus Dekra proposes an analysis of the factors causing these accidents and also measures to tackle the occurrence of road accidents.

Having noticed that 46 per cent of the accidents are due to misinterpretations (related to weather conditions, road driving, and driving dynamics), Dekra advises transporters to equip their trucks with new driver assistance systems.

The human factor being also very important -38 per cent of the accidents are due to a disturbance of sensory perception; out of which 24 per cent are directly caused by the driver falling asleep- the report emphasises on the necessity to improve the working conditions and the training of the drivers.

The report also shows that technical failures are responsible for 5 per cent of the accidents (the most frequent failures concerning the brake system and the chassis/steering). Moreover, the older the truck, the more technical failures are likely to appear. In accordance with this statement, Dekra suggests to increase the frequency of the tests for older vehicles.


These were the main lessons from this report, shall you want to learn about this topic please visit the Dekra web site and consult the report:


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