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       Pressure Equipment 03/03/2010
CABF PED/SPV meeting in Brussels

On 2 and 3 March the experts of the Group of Notified Bodies for the Pressure Equipment and Simple Pressure Vessels Directive came together for the regular Brussels spring meeting.


The agenda for the 2-day meeting included a status update by the European Commission representative, Mr Hans D’hooge and by several other representatives from the different working groups.


Mr D’hooge reported that alignment of the PED and SPVD to the provisions of the New EU Legislative Framework is inevitable. If alignment fails, a revision will be envisaged. A proposal will be tabled by the European Commission in October. If alignment of the modules fails, the proposal will opt for non-alignment. Any input is welcome.


The Notified Bodies groups were initiated by the European Commission to look after continuous improvement, revision and adjustment of the so-called “New Approach Directives”. They gather experts from the Notified Bodies, the European Commission and several other stakeholders and observers. The next meeting of the group will be held on 01 and 02 June 2010 in Brussels.


If you wish to obtain the full meeting report, please contact the CEOC International Secretariat, Ms Astrid Grunert/ EU Affairs Manager:



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