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       Energy and Environment 07/12/2010
European Parliament debates on an oil free future

Is an oil free future possible? – Nobel laureates and MEPs to discuss ways to run Europe without oil


On Tuesday, 7 December, the Parliament hosts the 9th STOA annual lecture "Is an oil free future possible? - The science, technology and economics of running Europe without oil", focusing on ways to adapt economy and lifestyle to a possible future without oil.


The keynote speakers will be Shai Agassi, CEO of the company Better Place and two Nobel Prize laureates in chemistry: Dr Paul Crutzen from Max-Planck-Institute and Prof George Oláh from the University of Southern California. Participants will later discuss keynote speakers' presentations in a panel discussion and a workshop. The lecture will be moderated by BBC journalist Shirin Wheeler.


Before the event, Vice-President responsible for STOA Silvana Koch-Mehrin (ALDE, DE), STOA Chairman Paul Rübig (EPP, AT), and STOA Vice-chairman Malcolm Harbour (ECR, UK), will hold a press conference with invited guests. Press conference and the lecture will be web-streamed.


Throughout the day, a demonstration of electric and hybrid cars, with possibility of test drives, will take place.


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