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       Events 22/05/2013
53rd General Assembly - President's foreword and De-briefing

President’s foreword

CEOC International had its 53rd General Assembly in mid-May in London. We have seen steadily growing interest towards our associ-ation and now we had the pleasure to accept two new members to our largest companies’ category. In addition number of old members expressed willingness to increase their participation by upgrading their membership. To our Board of Directors we got four new mem-bers and again I feel very positive enthusiasm to develop CEOC.

Growing interest is a natural development because our need to communicate with the other parties in the society is increasing. In the past the testing, inspection and certification (TIC) sector was almost hidden from the pub-lic. Today general awareness of product safety is on higher level but at the same time ever increasing global trade brings continuously unsafe products to our markets.

Therefore also awareness of the role of the TIC sector shall be improved. We must be able to tell in understandable language what we can do for better safety. On the other hand we shall communicate what the independent third parties cannot do because sometimes responsibili-ties between the parties seem to be unclear to the public.

CEOC has an important task in distributing information to the EU Commission and institu-tions, to industries and to the public. In this work our knowledge base lies in our technical commissions where specialists from the member organisation do outstanding work. CEOC General Secretariat in Brussels coordinates that work and represents the voice of the TIC sector in Europe. We have a very good basis to continue our important work.

I warmly thank SAFed and Lloyds’ Register who gave us the well organised General Assembly. 

Simo Hassi
CEOC International


For more information please see the de-briefing

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