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       Events 16/05/2016
CEOC International Central and Eastern European Members’ Meeting 2016

The 2016 annual meeting of the CEOC International members from Central and Eastern Europe took place on 26-27 April in Tallinn, kindly hosted by Inspecta Estonia.

Delegates from eight countries gathered to discuss the latest developments in the testing, inspection and certification (TIC) sector in Central and Eastern European countries.

Simo Hassi, President of CEOC International, opened the meeting and welcomed the participants. He also thanked Inspecta Estonia for hosting this year’s meeting. He welcomed the fact that these annual meetings have become a tradition, underlining their importance for the CEOC International members from Central and Eastern Europe.

Drewin Nieuwenhuis, Secretary General of CEOC International, provided the participants with an analysis of the TIC sector in 2020 and beyond. He presented the recent EU legislative and policy developments regarding the Consumer Product Safety and Market Surveillance Package; the Single Market Strategy; Energy and Environment; Medical Devices; the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership; Food safety and food fraud.

S. Hassi explained that in order to strengthen the credibility of the TIC bodies there is a need to develop a Compliance Code to which they could subscribe. This would contribute to the professionalization of the sector and would ensure that they operate in an independent and impartial manner in their activities. It was pointed out that this Compliance Code would complete the existing accreditation requirements, which currently vary from one country to another.

Ago Pelisaar, Advisor at the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, gave a presentation on the development of the TIC market in Estonia.

The meeting continued with presentations by the participants on the latest TIC developments in their countries. After presenting the history and the services of their respective companies, the delegates from SAMTS, SZU, CNCIR, UDT, TDT and TI a.s. provided overviews on their activities over the last twelve months.

On the second day of the meeting, the participants discussed potential future CEOC International members as well as how to improve the annual meetings of its members from Central and Eastern Europe.

All participants agreed that the meetings of the members from Central and Eastern Europe should:

  • Promote regional co-operation – in this regard, the ‘Memorandum of Co-operation’ and the ‘Agreement on training co-operation’ signed between UDT and SAMTS following the 2015 meeting in Sofia was pointed out as a very positive example;
  • Serve as a platform where the members can share best practices and experience on topics of interest to them;
  • Identify future opportunities.

In order to improve the format and the content of the meetings, which until now had an ad hoc agenda, the following suggestions were made:

  • Invite representatives from the other CEOC International members, which also operate in this geographical area;
  • Open these meetings to inspection and certification bodies from countries outside the EU;
  • Invite external experts in the field of accreditation and standardization;
  • Make proposals for agenda items.

Described as beneficial for all participants, it was decided to continue organising annual meetings of the CEOC International members from Central and Eastern Europe.

For further information, please download the highlights, which present an overview of the successful meeting.

Should you have any questions or wish to receive the presentations please contact CEOC International Secretariat at


Participants in the 2016 CEOC International Central and Eastern European Members’ Meeting

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