Frequently Asked Questions

CEOC International has published the Frequently Asked Questions on Conformity Assessment in Europe. Various terms related to this field are explained and exemplified in order to help the public better understand the sector in which our members are working. In case you have any inquiries, please contact the CEOC International General Secretariat at:

01. What is Conformity Assessment?
02. What are Conformity Assessment Bodies?
03. What is the difference between first, second and third party CABs?
04. Why is there a need to differentiate between first, second and third party CABs?
05. What are Notified Bodies?
06. How do Member States assess if a CAB is competent enough to become a Notified Body?
07. What is accreditation?
08. What is an Accreditation Body?
09. What is the ISO/IEC 17000 series?
10. What are harmonised standards?
11. What is an EC Declaration of Conformity?
12. What does an EC Declaration of Conformity contain?
13. What is a CE marking?
14. Where does it say if a NB has to be involved for issuing the DoC?
15. How many modules are there and what are the differences between them?
16. How can I see if a Notified Body has been involved in the conformity assessment process?
17. Can a third party body / Notified Body only get involved if it is written in the law?
18. What is the difference between CE marking and other markings?
19. Why would manufacturers chose third party bodies for conformity assessment?
List of abbreviations
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