CEOC News Article
       Air, Land and Maritime Transport 14/10/2008
CEOC member DEKRA organises conference on Road Safety

CEOC’s member DEKRA organised a European conference on road safety on 15 October in Brussels. DEKRA employs approx; 17.000 people and is active in the field of road and traffic safety since 80 years. It is among the first signatories of the European Road Safety Charter that took place in Dublin in 2004.


The Commission created the European Road Safety Charter as a forum for civil society to contribute to improve road safety in Europe. Companies, automobile clubs, associations, schools, the media, cities, to name only a few possible signatories of the Charter, were called on to come forward with concrete commitments. The Charter was first announced in June 2003 in the European Road Safety Action Programme, whose target is to halve the number of road fatalities in the EU by 2010.


The objective of the EU Charter for road safety is the number of road deaths by the year 2010. With the new road safety report 2008 DEKRA wants to report on the current road safety in Europe and inform politicians, transportation experts and motorists a reference work available. The arguments contained therein are designed to improve road safety. There is still a great need for action if the objective of the EU Charter for road safety wants to reach the number of road fatalities by 2010 to reduce to 25,000. Various strategies for the prevention of accidents will be sought, such as the elucidation of risks in the road and increased traffic controls, as well as annual technical inspections for vehicles from 8 Year in Europe.



Dr.Ingo Friedrich, MEP, Quaestor Bureau and member of the European Parliament; Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Zeidler, President of the Präsidialrats DEKRA e.V. Chairman of the Supervisory Board of DEKRA AG, Antonio Tajani, Vice-President of the European Commission, Commissioner for Transport (tbc); Stefan Borst, correspondent Focus Brussels office; Klaus Schmidt, Chairman of the boards DEKRA eV and DEKRA AG; Markus Ferber MEP, Chairman of the CSU group in the European Parliament; Michael Cramer, MEP; Johann Friedrich Colsman, Member of the Cabinet of the Vice-President of the European Commission.



J. F. Colsman, Cabinet of Commissioner Tajani, said that we need to speak about how to reach an “internal market for technical inspections”.