CEOC News Article
       Standardisation 16/06/2016
CEOC International signed the Joint Initiative on Standardisation

On 1 June 2016, the Commission adopted a Standardisation Package on “European Standards for the 21st Century”, containing the following four elements:

  • A communication on “European Standards for the 21st Century”;
  • A staff working document on “Tapping the potential of European service standards to help Europe’s consumers and businesses”;
  • A report from the Commission to the European Parliament and Council on the implementation of the Standards Regulation.

The Joint Initiative on Standardisation as foreseen under the Single Market Strategy, sets out an innovative way of achieving priorities through an open public-private co-operation. Good functioning of the European standardisation system is crucial for the Single Market. The JIS is a significant step towards further improving  the collaborative dialogue and cooperation between the European institutions, standardization organizations and a wide range of stakeholders to better meet market, societal and policy needs, including competitiveness, accessibility, or sustainability.

The signature of the JIS took place in Amsterdam on Monday, 13th June 2016, under the Dutch Presidency of the EU. All stakeholders who signed the JIS will work together on its implementation and follow-up.

We are pleased to announce that Drewin Nieuwenhuis has signed the JIS on behalf of CEOC International.